Dawn Owen Luxary Design


The flowers, linens, tent, lighting, everything was absolutely beautiful and exactly what we wanted and more! Your team was one of the most professional I have ever worked with. It was a pleasure working with all of you, you made everything so easy! I will certainly be in touch in the future for everything I do!


You guys are awesome! Our wedding was amazing! The flowers were truly outstanding! I didn’t want to leave any of it at the end of the night, especially the Chuppah! It was better than anything I could have pictured in my mind! You saw our vision and took it to a whole new world!
Your flowers are better than anything I have ever seen in magazines or online! You’re like a famous person! I wish I could get married again! Thanks again until next time!


Your creativity is endless and I am impressed with your creation. I am beginning to see the “Dawn Owen signature” throughout your work. You have a unique way of blending your exceptional talent with your professionalism, which is a winning combination.


Best. Wedding. Flowers. Ever!!!! The room looked so gorgeous it took my breath away! It was the most beautiful wedding celebration and we were so happy! It was the best and so are you!


Your obvious flair for creating truly one of a kind designs really helped ensure the event was a memorable one for everyone in attendance. I am aware that you are such an integral member of a team of professionals that has worked together to develop and manage several very important and successful events for our company. Your professionalism, dedication, attention to detail and perhaps, most of all, your unbridled creativity is certainly appreciated.

Nick, Retired President of a major company

I’m almost convinced you are a super hero and that you have these magical super powers. What you did in Harbor Springs appears almost humanly impossible. It was the most amazing wedding I have ever seen and I’m still not convinced it was mine! The tent rocked, the walkway, the lanterns, the flowers on the tables, the linens, the list could go on for two days. My family and friends are referring to my wedding as the fairy tale … I completely agree with them! You’re the most talented individual I have ever met! Thank you again.

Vinnie and Sean

The flowers were INCREDIBLE!! Thank you for making the flowers such an integral part of M&B’s story! We loved how the evening started with calm and serene (mostly white) and became bolder and bolder as the evening went on. The table settings were amazing! I believe I heard an audible GASP when the dinner tent was revealed! And the blue pots on the table were the clincher! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Mark and Lisa

Ok really? That was a Bar Mitzvah? I mean c’mon! Whoever saw such a thing? That was absolutely over the top! You took one little phrase that I said to you and made a two day affair with tents and flowers and décor etc out of it … literally! I don’t know where you came from? You have this magical ability to listen to people and then go so far out of the normal spectrum and give your clients 100% more than they thought they would get or that they could ever even imagine! Wow!!!
Onto the next!


Again, Dawn, thank you and your staff for helping us make all of our events and celebrations truly enjoyable. It was a night to remember for both of us, as well as our guests. Please convey to your staff our gratitude and good wishes.

Lisa and Bill

You became the “florist savior”. We are forever grateful for your expertise and talent. You are one of those people that I will always remember. You are fun, energized, full of life and an extremely talented, creative perfectionist. Many, many thanks for honoring your word as promised and adding to the happiest night of my daughter’s life!