Dawn Owen Luxary Design

Meet the Team

The staff at Dawn Owen Luxury Design will personalize every event with unforgettable atmosphere and monumental moments their clients will remember forever.

We are trendsetters and would be bored providing the same creations repeatedly. We always think outside the box. Dawn’s team is known in the industry for their professionalism, while having a ton of fun doing what they do! We get the job done regardless of the deadline and do it with a smile.


Name:        Tallulah-Gray
AKA:           “Lu Lu”, “Bean”
Office role:     New, additional Dawn Owen Luxury Design Mascot (established in 2015)
Obsessed with:      Her dogs, anything fuzzy, cheese and Elmo
Favorite flower:     Any flower I can smell
Inspired by:     Sesame Street
Last seen:         Running through the Dawn Owen Luxury Designs warehouse with a paint brush in one hand and a cookie in the other hand


Name:      Gabe
AKA:        GG
Office role:      Studio & event delivery logistics and organization, Dawn’s lady sitter
Obsessed with:      Tallulah-Gray, Cars, His dog “Gatsby”
Favorite flower:    Vendella Roses
Best Hue:      Blue
Inspired by:      The music playing in his pocket on his phone, at all times
Last seen:      Covered in blue paint going to pick up lunch


Name:      Nicolette
AKA:        “Nikkers”, “Nick”
Office role:      Designer, event set up specialist and in charge of keeping Dawn laughing at all times
Obsessed with:      Dawn and All things pretty
Favorite flower:    Peony
Best Hue:      Pink
Inspired by:      Dawn (for ten years now)
Last seen:      Cracking up with Dawn


Name:      Michael
AKA:        Fuzz
Office role:      Schlepper of all things
Obsessed with:      Tennis shoes!
Favorite flower:    Green and white Lady Slipper Orchids
Best Hue:      Green
Inspired by:      Naps and custom tennis shoes
Last seen:      Golfing and shopping online for shoes


Name:      Hailey
AKA:        Bug
Office role:      Office assistant, Event staffer, and social media guru
Obsessed with:      Tallulah-Gray Sambor, and food…all food
Favorite flower:    Gloriosa Lily
Best Hue:      pink
Inspired by:      Anything related to food!
Last seen:      Placing four hundred footballs on metal poles during a bar Mitzvah while eating a piece of pizza


Name:      Madison
AKA:        Mouse
Office role:      Office and studio employee, event staffer extraordinaire, social media guru
Obsessed with:      Tallulah-Gray Sambor, anything Kardashian
Favorite flower:    Peony
Best Hue:      Soft tangerine
Inspired by:      Photography and Fashion
Last seen:      Taking pictures for Dawn Owen Luxury Designs and applying to Colleges